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The Istituto Superiore di Design (ISD) , Napoli



This September ISD Napoli announces new Intake along with the Free One Month Italian Language Course for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies

We offer variety of programs such as, Undergraduate programs,Master Degree and Intensive programs:

Bachelor of Science degree programs (3 Years)

  • Bachelor of Science in Fashion & Textile Design 
  • Bachelor of Science in Graphic & Multimedia Design
  • Bachelor of Science in Interior & Industrial Design

Master degree programs (1 Year)

  • Master in Fashion Design  & Styling
  • Master in Graphic & Multimedia Design
  • Master in Interior & Industrial Design

Intensive Program ( 1 Year) 

  • Fashion & Textile Design 
  • Graphic & Multimedia Design
  • Interior & Industrial Design

Tuition Fees:

Enrollment Fees 2.000 Euro +
Bachelor in Science Degree Program: 6.000 Euro
Master Degree Program: 8.000 Euro
Intensive Program: 8.000 Euro


ISTITUTO SUPERIORE DI DESIGN is offering for the academic year to foreigners and Italians living abroad partial scholarships covering 50% of tuition fees, distributed among the various programmes as specified below:

Number of scholarships and relative amount
N°30 Scholarships of 4.000 Euro for Master programmes of 1-year held in Italian with simultaneous translation in English, distributed as follows:

  • n. 12 for Master program in Fashion Design;
  • n. 08 for Master program in Graphic Design;
  • n. 10 for Master program in Interior Design.

N°30 Scholarships of 4.000 Euro for Intensive programmes of 1-year held in Italian with simultaneous translation in English, distributed as follows:

  • n. 12 for Intensive program in Fashion Design;
  • n. 08 for Intensive program in Graphic Design;
  • n. 10 for Intensive program in Interior Design.

Request of scholarship

the following documents to AIEP/Interservice:

  • Copy of scholarship request form duly filled in and signed;
  • Curriculum vitae and of studies;
  • Portfolio containing a selection of student's works (compulsory for the Master Courses);
  • Motivational letter;
  • Copy of passport;
  • Copy of Bachelor Degree/post-secondary level Diploma for Master programmes or High-school diploma for Intensive programmes.


  • Also students on their final year of high school/degree can apply for the scholarship and the assignment of it will be subordinated to the achievement of the diploma/degree before the start of the chosen course;
  • The application for the scholarship master programmes are also open to those not holding a Bachelor's Degree, that is if they have a significant working experience in the area of interest.

Evaluation Process
The Evaluation Committee will consider the following criteria in evaluating the applicants: curriculum of studies or working experiences, portfolio, and motivational letter of the candidate.

Evaluation Outcome
ISTITUTO SUPERIORE DI DESIGN within a month from receiving the application, will communicate the outcome of the evaluation via e-mail to the applicants who have been granted a scholarship and therefore will send the enrollment application form.

Deadlines for scholarship acceptance
All scholarship recipients, within a month from the communication must send an acceptance letter with the enrollment application form duly filled in and signed to AIEP/Inreservice and pay the Enrollment fee of 2.000 Euro, otherwise the student will lose the right of being entitled to the scholarship.