Au Pair in Germany

Explore Germay through Au Pair Exchange Program • 

Becoming "Au Pair" in Germany you need to help hostfamily 30 hours per week to look after children (for example to play with them, to read books to them, to go for a walk with them, to put them to bed, to put babies nappies on, to prepare little meals, to take children to the kindergarten, ...) and to do easy household duties (for example to tidy up the child's room, to vacuum, to go shopping, to wash the dishes, to iron,...). Moreover you spend two or three evenings per week as babysitter for the children.

University Placement in Germany

Do you want to continue your study at German University  • 

This program offers international students, who would like to begin a course of study at a German University, the opportunity to become extensively informed about this country's system of higher education. In addition to personal counseling regarding selection of an appropriate field of study as well as study location, the applicant's academic resume will be reviewed with a particular eye towards the admissions requirements for studying at a German University. When the applicant fulfills the requisite requirements, enrollment in the university will follow. If acceptance directly into a university is not possible, the advising efforts will focus on university preparation (Studienkolleg).

German Lnaguage in Germany

Learn German Language in Germany  • 

Learn the German Language in one of our language schools in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg or Munich. The Courses in did deutsch-institut make you fit for studies at a German university and fit for life in Germany.