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did deutsch-institut Hamburg - German Courses in Hamburg did deutsch-institut Hamburg is centrally located next to the Jungfernstieg. As our German language school shares the premises with a University international students easily get in contact with Germans of the same age. In 2012 (as well as in 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2011) did deutsch-institut was elected best language school in Germany by over 3000 travel agencies worldwide and was awarded the Study Travel Magazine Star Award and now enjoys the STM Super Star Status.

University Placement in Germany

Do you want to continue your study at German University

  • Age group 17 years and older
  • Course type Intensive or Premium Course
  • Course locations Berlin | Frankfurt | Hamburg | Munich
  • Course duration requirement: min. 8 weeks
  • Course levels all levels | also beginners
  • Partner universities public and private universities (according to the field of study)
  • University locations various locations in Germany (according to the field of study)
Included in the price
  • Advising regarding the German education system
  • Help in selecting location and field of study
  • Review of application documents
  • Preparation of individualized class schedules
  • Application to as many as 3 German universities

University acceptance before the course begins
Collaboration and cooperation with a large number of universities make it possible to carefully prepare international applicants to study in Germany and to ensure them maximum security during the placement process in the German university system. This is because even before arriving in Germany, it will be determined whether the foreign student's high school and college diplomas and credentials are sufficient to satisfy the German
requirements. If the academic requirements are fulfilled, applicants will be accepted into a university with the stipulation that, at a later time, the required German skills are proven by taking the Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache (TestDaF).

Advising services | Required documents
Generally, only those who possess a secondary school diploma equivalent to the German secondary school examination, the Abitur, may study at a German university. Part of the services we offer is detailed advising regarding state specific requirements. Along with the desired course of study the following documents are to be submitted upon application: the registration for the German course, two translated and notarized copies of the secondary school diploma and passport, three passport photos and a curriculum vitae (CV). If available, proof of completed semesters at the home institution (translated and notarized), i.e. a transcript, should be attached.

Direct university access or university preparation?
If the foreign secondary school's diploma is not recognized as being equivalent to the German Abitur, attendance at a university preparatory institute will be required before being admitted to the university. Acceptance into a university preparatory institute presumes a good knowledge of German at the middle level, which can be acquired in Intensive and Premium Courses, and can be proven with the B1 Diploma Exam, an exam offered by did deutsch institut. In the case that the foreign diploma is recognized as being equivalent to the Abitur, direct admission into the university is possible. In this case, the proof of sufficient German knowledge is shown by taking the TestDaF.