Trainee & Internship in USA



Professional Training Program

Internship & Trainee USA program is an excellent opportunity for international university students, recent graduates and young professionals to become an Intern or Trainee in the USA which allow them to get a unique perspective on working and living in the USA, to improve and develop their professional skills that will enhance their future careers in their home countries.

Main purpose of the program is to expand the applicants’ knowledge in their professional field and acquaint them to American technologies, studies and methods. In addition, the program helps the young professionals to have the opportunity to immerse in American culture, to understand and get acquainted with the American society more closely by promoting professional exchanges between different countries. Also to make friends, meet new people, travel around the USA and enjoy a uniquely American experience.
The program is available any time of the year.

Program Requirements
To be eligible for training program in the USA the applicant should meet the requirements bellow:
• University students or recent graduates between the ages of 18-30.
• Advanced English skills. Excellent command of spoken and written English
• Professional skills
• Higher education
• A specialty license

Internship Program Requirements
The Internship Program recruits international students and recent graduates of a post-secondary academic institution or have graduated from an institution within 12 months of the internship start date in the US, to work in careers related to their specific field of study.
The internship program offers university students the opportunity to gain professional and practical training experience, while immersing the students in a new and exciting culture.
The internship can last up to 12 months on the J-1 Visa, and require a thorough training plan from the employer with details of the intern´s tasks and responsibilities.
This program is a maximum 12 months.
Interns can begin working at any point during the year.

Training Program Requirements
The Trainee Program is similar to the Internship Program, and is designed for young professionals to train with them in their field of study or experience.
Trainees must have completed a degree or professional certificate outside the US and have 1 year related work experience outside the US, or 5 years of related work experience.
This program is a maximum 18 months.
Trainees can begin working at any point during the year.
Trainees and Interns will have sufficient finances to support themselves for their entire stay in the United States, including housing and living expenses.


Eligible professions       

• Education, Social Sciences, Library Sciences, Counseling and Social Services  
• Management, Business, Commerce and Finance         
Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics and Industry          
• Health-Related Practice          
• Construction and Building Trades        
• Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing         
• Arts and Culture          
• Hospitality and Tourism          
• Information Media and Communications        
• Management, Business, Commerce and Finance         
• Public Administration and Law
Program duration
The maximum duration for Interns is 12 months.
The maximum duration for Trainees is 18 months.

The Visa Sponsor organization designated by the U.S. Department of State to administer the program and is responsible for ensuring that the intern/trainee program is compliant with all federal regulations, that the candidate is eligible and will have ample opportunity for cultural immersion, and that the host company will provide a quality training environment. Sponsor of programs must verify that all potential interns are foreign nationals who are currently enrolled full-time and pursuing studies in their advanced chosen career field at a degree or certificate granting post-secondary academic institution outside the United States or graduated from such an institution no more than 12 months prior to their exchange visitor program begin date.
The American Sponsor Organization should review the participant’s application and the host company’s offer in details, make sure it is complete and corresponds to the program’s standards and the State Department laws. Sponsor will be ensure that trainees and interns are appropriately selected, placed, oriented, supervised, and evaluated.
Professional practice must correspond to the participant’s preparedness. Professional practice is given through a preliminary plan, such as courses, seminars and production practice.
The participant will be interviewed by an American Sponsor Organization. Personal interview will be conducted in-person by Skype or by telephone if Skype is not available option.
Sponsor issues a DS-2019 form.
While the participant is in the USA the Sponsor is in monthly contact with participant to ensure his/her health, safety, and welfare.

Trainee USA

 Participants are expected to return home at the end of their programs.