Welcome to Au Pair USA

Aupair Cultural Exchange Program in USA

Becoming "Au Pair" in USA you need to help host family 30 hours per week to look after children (for example to play with them, to read books to them, to go for a walk with them, to put them to bed, to put babies nappies on, to prepare little meals, to take children to the kindergarten, ...) and to do easy household duties (for example to tidy up the child's room, to vacuum, to go shopping, to wash the dishes, to iron,...). Moreover you spend two or three evenings per week as babysitter for the children.

For your help you receive:

  • Free board and lodging in a room of your own
  • At least $800 pocket money per month
  • A health, accident, and liability insurance
  • A ticket for public transport
  • One to two days free per week and a holiday of four weeks per year where you can travel all over USA
  • The possibility to go to a language school

Preconditions you have to fulfil are:

  • To be between 18 and 26 years old
  • To be single and childless
  • To have driver License at least 1 year.
  • To dispose of a good basic knowledge of the Emglish language
  • To have experience in looking after children and doing housework
  • You should be willing to integrate into the host family's life
  • You should like to stay for at least 1 year in USA