Welcome to Au Pair in Norway

Do you want to be part of the Norwegian culture

Do you want to be part of the Norwegian culture?

As an au pair you will take part in the everyday life of a Norwegian family. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience a different culture and to broaden your horizons. Norway has an incredible nature to offer. High mountains, pine forests, lakes, fjords and a beautiful coastline. The population consists only of 4.5 million people, scattered around the country’s
324.000 km2. The capital Oslo has approximately 500.000 inhabitants and is the largest city in Norway. People mostly live in towns and villages, but remember there are not many big cities in Norway. The transportation system however, is highly developed. Norway has one of the highest standards of living in the world.
The family unit is very important in Norway. Families are generally small. Most families own their own home or apartment. Over one third also own or share a cabin in the mountains or by the sea. Spending time in these cabins is a favourite family activity. Among Norwegian children and teenagers it is common to be a member of a sports club, school band and/or different youth organisations. We recommend the au pairs to join in some of these activities, as it is a great way to meet.

What are your tasks as an au pair?

As an au pair you will live as a member of the family, look after the children and help with household duties. The au pair works 5 hours per day, and maximum 30 hours per week.You are entitled to one day off per week, and this day should at least be twice a month on a Sunday. Your duties and working hours as an au pair will vary depending on the ages of the children and the family’s needs. The following ist includes most duties:

Child care
• help the children getting dressed and fed in the morning • be responsible for them during the day • play with them • go for walks with them • bring them to and from school/kindergarten • help with homework • do simple cooking for the children, bathe them and put them to bed Household duties • clean up after the children • do the laundry, iron • clean dishes • vacuuming and dusting You are not responsible for cleaning the windows, mowing the lawn, doing other heavy housework tasks or taking care of the family’s animals unless you have agreed to do so.


Who may apply?

• If you are between 18-27 years of age
• If you have good child care experience
• If you have good knowledge of English
• If you are motivated for a stay in a different culture, away from your home, family and friends.

in the northern part of Europe Most families prefer female applicants and non-smokers. It is excellent if you have some knowledge of Norwegian. You will as an au pair be responsible for children all day, there fore, you need to be familiar and comfortable with children. When fulfilling these requirements, we will do our best to find a host family for you.

What do you receive as an au pair?

Pocket Money: In the family’s home you are entitled to have your own room. You will receive free room and board and pocket money amounting to NOK 3000,- per month. In Norway an au pair-job is looked upon as normal work, hence taxes must be paid. The tax percentage is estimated by the value of food, accommodation and your monthly salary. Normally an au pair receives app. 2500,- net per month. At the end of your stay you are also entitled to 10,2 % in vacation money. In addition to pocket money you will receive NOK 400,- per month in travel card.


You will be covered by the Norwegian Health Service during your stay, and your host family will register you there. This means that if you get ill during your stay, you will only have to pay a small fee for the medical treatment at the hospital or the doctor (public health care). As an Atlantis au pair you will be covered by travel insurance as well. You will receive more information about this further in the application process. If you get ill, your host family is entitled to provide you with free board and lodging. If the illness last longer than two weeks, Atlantis will consult the doctor and decide whether or not you should return home.

Application Process

When you have read this brochure thoroughly, and decided that this is an opportunity that suits you, we will need following: Please note that everything must be written in English or Norwegian.
• 1 completed application forms
• 1 passport photos
• At least 2 personal recommendations, at least one should be about your child care experience
• 1 medical report
• 1 criminal record
• Copy of passport
• Education diplomas if any
• 1 personal letter addressed to your future host family
• Some pictures of you, your family, friends and if possible together with children you have looked after

After we have received your complete application and you have been accepted to the program we will start the process of finding you a suitable host family. When we believe we have found a host family for you, we send them your application. The family then often calls you directly in order to talk to you personally and see if you are interested. If they decide that
they want to invite you, we send you their formal invitation, information on how to apply for work permit (if necessary), complete information about the host family, brochures about Norway, contracts from the family and other necessary information. You will receive a complete list of other au pairs in Norway after arrival.

When do I apply? You should apply at least 4 months before you want to come to Norway. The matching process may in some cases be shorter than this. We always try to place you according to your desired date of arrival, but we can never guarantee
that we will be able to place you at a specific time. If there are sudden changes in your plans, either new arrival dates or you cancel, we must notified immediately.

For how long and when can I go? The minimum stay as an au pair is six months. The maximum stay is two years (you will need to extend your work permit after 12 months). The majority of families prefer to have an au pair for 9-12 months. We place au pairs throughout the year, but most au pairs arrive in the summer/early autumn.

Where can I go? Our host families are located all over Norway. We recommend that you are as flexible as possible with regard to area of placement. We can not guarantee a placement in a specific village or town, and advice you to write South, East, West or North of Norway as a wish on your application. Please be aware of the fact that there are no «big» cities in Norway, and
remember it is your host family and not the place that makes the stay successful!

Other conditions

Language course: You have the opportunity to take Norwegian classes, or other courses that you find suitable in your spare time. You are responsible for the cost of your own language course.

Homesickness: Everyone who travels abroad for a longer period of time will experience culture shock and homesickness in some senses. It is very important to be aware of this before you apply. If you are used to travelling and living away from home, the adjustment to an au pair-stay tend to be moother. It is only natural to experience a culture shock and be homesick. When this happens you our best advice is to talk with your host family, your friends, and activate yourself with hobbies, sports etc.

Expectations: You can expect to get a family that would comply with the rules outlined in this brochure. You can expect that Atlantis will match you with the best possible family for you. You can always contact us if you need assistance during your stay.

What if problems occur?: We always advice you to communicate openly with the family in order to solve any problems or misunderstandings that may occur. If you do not feel this helps, you may contact Atlantis. We will assist you and help sorting out problems you may have with your host family. In case of emergency you may contact our 24 hour phone number +47 48 02 63 52. If necessary, we will try to find you a new host family if one is available at the time. Atlantis can never guarantee a replacement, and if we do not have a suitable family for you, you must be prepared to return home. Both you and the
family have two weeks notice of termination of contract. If a new family is found for you, you need to apply for a change in the residence permit. This is done at the local police office where the new family lives. The new host family assists you with these formalities.

Travel expenses: You must pay your own travel to and from Oslo. We advice you to contact a travel agency, and ask them about the cheapest fare. It is usually cheaper to buy a return ticket than two one way tickets. If your host family live outside Oslo the family will pay your ticket from Oslo to their home. Remember to bring money with you in order to cover at least the first week’s expenses, and be aware that Norway is an expensive country for most foreigners.

Non-EU citizens: Citizens from outside the EU must NOT enter any of the Nordic countries before you have received your work permit. Also, please make sure that you have the necessary transit visa for whichever countries you need to travel through on you way to Norway! You cannot apply for a work permit before you have been invited to a host family and received a signed contract from them. This contract has to be enclosed together with the application for work permit. You cannot go to Norway or any of the Scandinavian countries before you have the permit. When you have received it, you must arrange your travel, and plan the exact date of arrival with the family.

After entry: Within the first week of your stay in Norway, you have to register at the local police station in order to receive your final residence permit. Furthermore, you must arrange for a personal number at the Registration Office. The Social Security Office must be notified of your presence in Norway so you will be able to receive medical help while in the country. Lastly, you must be registered at the Tax Office. Your host family will help with all these formalities.

Health examination: After arrival you have to present yourself for examination for tuberculosis, mass radiography, tuberculin tests and if necessary vaccination against tuberculosis. The host family will assist you with this.