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We would be delighted to help you in placing you as au pairs in France.


To be au pair in France, girls must be
  • between 19 and 25 years old. They must have studied french at least 2 years at school.
  • must be a student when they are applying otherwise they will not obtain their visa to be au pair in France.
  • have the driving licence is not obligatory but it is always appreciated. They must OBLIGATORY have an experience of babysitting.
To be au pair in a french family (selected by us) means
  • that you are going to work 30 hours per week, their work will be to look after the kids and they will be asked to do some light housework.
  • you will be paid 77 € for 30 hours worked per week.
  • you will have their own bedroom, they will have minimum 1 day and half off per week (they will have their week-end free). They will be full boarded.
  • We can place girls in a french family all through out the year. We have families everywhere in France. We do not place only in Paris, applicants must be prepared to accept another part of France, another big town than Paris.
Llenght of stay
  • 12 months, anytime during the year.
  • They will have to go to a french course at least once a week and they will have to pay for this (no french course during the summer).
  • The cost is around 70 € per week. The french family will find them the french course. They will have to pay for their travel to France (return ticket).
How to prepare a good file to be au pair (provide us following papers)
  • the application form filled in french (file attached)
  • a dear family letter written in french
  • 2 child care references (attached)
  • a medical certificat
  • a copy of their passport
  • a copy of their diploma (High school diploma or equivalent)
  • a birth certificat
  • a paper which says they have attended a french course in their country
  • a copy of their international driving licence
  • 4 passeport size photos
  • several pictures of the girl with kids
  • All these documents must OBLIGATORY be translated into french by a sworn translater (official). We hope you have understood everything and if not please do not hesitate to ask us questions !!