About AIEP/Interservice

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Informational-analytical centre of the Association offers
  • general information on cultural-educational and work exchange international programs

  • individual consultation on conditions of study and practical training in various institutions of the West (schools, colleges, universities, scientific centres)

  • coordinated assistance in preparing all the necessary documents for education in these institutions

  • general information about the aims and tasks of international voluntary movement as well as specific about the conditions of participation in these programs

The main aim and tasks of AIEP/Interservce

Posted by AIEP /Interservice on January 2015

  • to promote the establishment of long term cooperation and solidarity between the young people of different countries by means of cultural-educational, work exchange international programs

  • to give youth opportunity to establish personal contacts and true information exchange to develop their professional knowledge, as well as culture and civil qualities of other countries, especially in the field of human rights protection, through exchange programs

  • to promote the constructive initiatives directed at stimulation of youth exchanges, using fully their abilities and advantages

  • to improve methods of collecting information on exchange programs, to simplify the process of mutually profitable exchange and its coordination mechanisms

  • to stimulate international voluntary movement, to overcome the cultural-linguistic, psychological and other barriers for strengthening friendly and peaceful ties between youth and students of different countries

  • to provide a high level information and equal participation of youth and public organizations in discussion of basic problems concerning regional integration to work out general and mutually acceptable approaches.