About AIEP/Interservice

Your direct way to Europe and USA

AIEP/Interservice is an International, Educational, Cultural Exchange
Youth Organization, founded in 1991, Yerevan, Armenia .
AIEP/Interservice was the first in the Republic of Armenia to start the
realization a wide range of Educational, Cultural and Work Exchange
Programs, such as Camp America, Internship, Professional Carrier
Training, Au Pair, Language courses, High School, Educational, Work
and Travel, etc.
During more than 25 years of work experience over two thousand
students have participated in various international exchange programs.
Participating in numerous conferences, business meetings and
assemblies in European countries and the USA, AIEP / Interservice
has gained great work experience in the field of Educational and
Cultural International Exchange Programs.
During these years, the organization has received numerous
certificates, letters of recommendation, and letters of appreciation from
the well-known International Organizations.
Due to the professional work of our skilled professional staff, many
students and young people have traveled to the United States, Canada
and European countries through various exchange programs which
provide opportunities for them to gain practical knowledge of foreign
languages, to deepen their professional knowledges, interconnected
with the values of progressive countries. It is also a great possibility to
travell worldwide.
AIEP / Interservice is collaborating with organizations that are
endorsed by the Government of their countries and are members of
the WYSE Youth World Student and Education Confederation,
including AIEP / Interservice, the official representative of
AIEP / Interservice is the Founder of Au Pair Program in Armenia, which
is realizing the Program since 1993 and cooperates with many
Organizations in Euorpean countries and USA.
During these years many au pairs participated in this Program traveling
to Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Irland, the Netherlands, and the
United States.
Since 1998, AIEP / Interservice is implementing the Work & Travel USA
Program and is the official representative of InterExchange in Armenia, that has
more than 50 years of work experience in the field of Cultural Exchange Programs
and is authorised by the US Government.

AIEP/Inerservice carefuly screens, selects, Identifying suitable candidates
and recruites qualifite appplicants for Work & Travel Program who meet the
requieremnts for participation in the Program.
The Work & Travel USA program allows students to work in the
United States for 3 months during their summer holidays.
It's a good chance to improve their English skills, explore
American culture, history, its high technologies and lifestyle,
meeting and socialite with new people from the USA and all over the world.
Also it's a great opportunity for them to have a work experience,
become more skillful and independent, to earn some money during the whole summer and to travel.